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USS Kauffman
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USS Kauffman

Bashaan Hameed is one of the Navy’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) representatives overseeing the decommissioning of USS Kauffman. In his e-mail to our customer, NASSCO General Dynamics, Mr. Hameed wrote: “I would like to recognize the excellent performance by HEPACO on USS Kauffman’s decom-missioning availability. From deck plate worker to supervision, it was an outstanding performance, with high quality work. The gentlemen I would like to thank at this point are Dan Kendig, the supervisor who stayed on top of tanks being gas freed, putting out good information daily of what tanks were being pumped and ready to be filled. He also worked well with the ship getting WAF’s processed. Without his assistance he provided to the ship’s force, the avail would not have progressed as well as it did. Then there was George Guy who filled in greatly for Dan as Supervisor at times during the availability. He kept things flowing with no hiccups during his absence, assuring the tanks were being filled and the ships list stayed less than 5 degrees at all times. Samuel Peters, Timothy Squire, Daryl Cray and Kareem Bishop...these gentlemen also did an excellent job on the deck plate performing at a high standard assuring the bilges and tanks were pumped, cleaned, ready for inspections and closed. With the excellent performance from all these gentlemen, we were able to complete this availability three weeks ahead of schedule and under cost. Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Hameed for this glowing testimonial. We are very proud of our Norfolk team and the continuing great work they provide. Please see next page for the story of a Bravo Zulu received for their excellent work on another ship.
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