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Joe Opatkiewicz
800-888-7689 or 704-598-9782

HEPACO At A Glance

Lines of Business: Emergency/Disaster Response, Industrial Services, Remediation, Abatement, Maritime Services, and Wastewater Treatment.

Headquarters: Charlotte, N.C.

Number of employees: Approximately 380.

Office locations: Roanoke, Norfolk, Richmond, and Fredericksburg, Virginia; Atlanta, Savannah, and Augusta, Georgia.; Memphis, Blountville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville, Tennessee; Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington and Morehead City, North Carolina; Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina; Baltimore, Maryland; Philadelphia, Bethlehem, and Pittsburgh, PA; Gloucester City, NJ; Albany, NY; and Birmingham and Theodore, Alabama

Major clients/projects: HEPACO has provided emergency response services to disasters that received national attention. HEPACO works with many well-known corporations in the transportation, oil/petroleum, specialty chemicals, communications, energy, manufacturing, institutional, and governmental segments.

Founder, CEO: Ron Horton, Sr.

Founded: 1984


CEO: Ron Horton, Sr.
Ron L. Horton, Jr.
Vice President: Richard Horton
Vice President: Robert May
Chief Financial Officer: Vonda Hall

Media contact: Joe Opatkiewicz, 800-888-7689 or 704-598-9782

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