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President's Column - January, 2015

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HEPACO is now entering its fourth decade in business. This sort of longevity would never have been possible without great people who are pillars of the Company as well as outstanding members of our communities. One shining example of this sort of commitment to both HEPACO and the nation is Mr. James Scott of HEPACO’s Nashville Office.

President's Column - August, 2014

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Our nation has seen numerous incidents where terrorists have succeeded in doing harm to large numbers of innocent people. Scenes like September 11 or the Boston Marathon Bombing are all too familiar in our minds these days. In those and other cases, the people behind those acts were able to go undetected until the damage was done. These despicable acts have taught us to be ever vigilant in hopes of detecting and preventing similar acts from occurring in the future.

President's Column - March, 2014

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In our last issue, we highlighted the fact that HEPACO is celebrating another milestone this year by being in business for thirty years. We are committed to improving ourselves and our performance each and every day. Our constant goal is to strive to do all we can to help our clients meet and exceed their expectations and overcome the challenges they may face. How might we do that? One way to accomplish this goal is to be sure that we do a good job of making our present and prospective client partners aware of the many things that we can offer to help them.