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Spill Containment and OSRO Services

Spill Containment and OSRO Services

Spill Containment

At HEPACO, our hazardous spill containment services provide clients with the highest standard of safety, security, and reliability. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with a wide variety of hazardous materials, from flammable liquids to combustible dust and more. We use the latest technology and techniques to handle these substances safely and securely, ensuring that no harm comes to individuals or the environment. With our in-depth knowledge of regulations for handling hazardous materials, we commit that all requirements are met before, during, and after containment operations.

Oil Spill Response Organizations (OSROs)

OSROs, like HEPACO, provide specialized services to detect and manage oil spills, from developing spill response plans to monitoring and detection activities, providing response equipment and personnel resources as well as environmental remediation. We also offer technical assistance and advice to effectively address the effects of a spill. Our highly trained personnel assess risks associated with an accident and execute cleanup operations and restoration activities while utilizing advanced technologies. These technologies include remote sensing systems, robotic submersibles, data analysis software, and high-precision laboratory analysis capabilities. These services are provided by experienced professionals who understand the importance of safety, containment, and cleanup operations to reduce damage to the environment.

HEPACO maintains an OSRO certification (OSRO #32) throughout our operating area. Classifications are based on minimum equipment amounts and response time standards outlined in the US Coast Guard’s OSRO Classification Guidelines.

This is typically the time of year when firms execute new contracts with service providers. We are your one-stop shop for fulfilling OSRO regulatory requirements.